Plantar Fasciitis Treatment: EPAT Shockwave Therapy for Fast Recovery!

One day you’re outside, logging miles at record speed, and the next you’re icing your heel and limping around. If you’ve never experienced plantar fasciitis, count yourself lucky. The raw pain in your heel that radiates towards the sides of your foot is enough to sideline you for weeks. Forget about that race you were training for! Plantar fasciitis can take weeks to heal, and is more likely to reoccur if you don’t allow plenty of time to rest.

Many sports injuries are frustrating because they force you to take time off and derail the progress you had been making. They are often the kind of injuries that benefit from the commonly-prescribed RICE method- Rest, Ice, Compress, and Elevate. While this can be effective, the healing process is slow and delicate, and can easily be thrown off by just one attempt at getting back to your workout. A setback like this can kill your momentum and enthusiasm, break all the good habits you worked so hard to establish, and affect other areas of your life. If you’re not getting your regular workouts, chances are your outlook is less bright and your energy is diminished.

While many athletes will eventually spring back after taking weeks off, there is another option. One chiropractor in Austin specializes in getting athletes back to their sport quickly and safely. Spinal Rehab and Sports Medicine offers high-quality sports injury rehabilitation. Our plantar fasciitis treatment is centered on shockwave therapy, which helps stimulate tissue regeneration and healing. This cuts down on your recovery time while, under a doctor’s guidance, you can ease back into your training.

What athlete doesn’t feel like recovery time is a jail sentence? Shockwave therapy offers a way to cut back on recovery time and strengthen your plantar fascia (the tissue running under your foot) to help avoid injuries in the future!

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