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Plantar Fasciitis Treatment: EPAT Shockwave Therapy for Fast Recovery

One day you’re outside, logging miles at record speed, and the next you’re icing your heel and limping around. If you’ve never experienced plantar fasciitis, count yourself lucky. The raw pain in your heel that radiates towards the sides of your foot is enough to sideline you for weeks. Forget about that race you were training for! Even with plantar fasciitis treatment the injury can take weeks to heal, and is more likely to reoccur if you don’t allow plenty of time to rest. Luckily,

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Achilles Tendonitis Treatment with EPAT Laser Pulse Therapy

It starts as a gentle, nagging pain. You can almost ignore it and keep pushing your way through the workout. After all, athletes regularly work through pain. Push yourself too far, though, and now your Achilles tendon is throbbing. The pain reduces you to walking on your tiptoes to avoid stretching the tendon. What was once a minor ache, now has you parked on the couch with your foot perched on a heap of ice. There are many potential causes of Achilles tendonitis. These include

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Bursitis: Hips, Knee, Shoulder, Elbow… Oh My!

Another great run on a perfect spring day, another flare-up of the familiar joint pain. Most runners have come to accept that they will always be nursing one injury or another. Sore joints may just feel like another thing to ice and stretch. While this routine may help alleviate pain, bursitis requires medical attention. Causes of Bursitis Bursitis is most commonly caused by repetitive motions that irritate a joint. This is bad news for athletes since training requires consistency. Luckily, this doesn’t need to stop you!

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