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Knee Sprain

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Knee Pain

A knee sprain is an injury to the muscles and tendons near the knee. A knee sprain is a stretch and/or tear of the knee ligaments. Both of these injuries can be extremely painful, while they also have a serious impact on the ability of the patient to perform physical activity. Knee sprains or strains are often classified based on the extent of the injury, as being mild, moderate or severe.

Causes of Knee Sprain

There are four ligaments in the knee that could become sprained, the ACL, MCL, LCL, and PCL. A sprain to one or more of these ligaments can be caused by regular strain from a physically demanding job or sports. The sprain could also occur as a result of an unnatural fall or contact.

Knee sprains are very common when someone ramps up their physical activity very suddenly. For instance, someone who went from being inactive to running outside for 45 minutes a day could suffer a knee strain because of that activity.

Symptoms of Knee Sprain

The symptoms of a knee sprain or strain include significant pain and swelling in the area, stiffness, and limited movement. If the pain increases while walking or performing specific exercises, it is also a symptom.

Treatment Options

The best way to recover from a knee sprain or strain is to seek professional from a sports medicine doctor. Contacting Dr. Bob Meyer at the Spinal Rehab & Sports Medicine clinic is a very good first step. Dr. Meyer has a lot of experience in treating knee sprains and strains, especially in athletes.

Treatment for these sports injuries depends on the severity. For mild to moderate cases, anything from rest to using an ice pack to medicine for the inflammation can help a great deal. More severe injuries may require surgery to correct the problem, especially if there is a complete ligament tear.

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