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Quad Strain

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Quad StrainWhen the quadriceps muscle is stretched past its limit, it can pull or tear, resulting in a quad strain. Quad strains are notoriously painful but can be avoided through warming up before physical activities and taking the time to cool down after.

What is a quad strain?

There are three sets of muscles in the thigh. These include the quadriceps in the front, the adductor muscles on the inside, and the hamstrings in the back. Because the quadriceps and hamstrings combine to bend and flex the leg, they are especially susceptible to strains. This is particularly true when the user is partaking in track and field events or high impact sports such as football or soccer.

What causes a quad strain?

Incorrectly executing exercises or overworking muscles during sprinting, jumping, or kicking can lead to a quad strain. Not warming up prior to physical activity can increase the risk of injury. Soccer players often experience this injury, as repeated kicking is a large part of the activity.

What are the symptoms of a quad strain?

Sudden and severe pain along with a snapping sensation is a sign of a quad strain. It is likely that the affected area will be tender, and visible bruising sometimes occurs.

What is the treatment for a quad strain?

Providing the thigh support through compression can protect the muscle. It is important to avoid highly physical activities throughout the early stages of the injury. Sports medicine is a very effective treatment method. Additionally, EPAT laser pulse therapy, compression therapy and myofacial release can help assist with healing sports injuries including quad strains.

If you’re experiencing sharp pain and tenderness in your thigh and think you may be suffering from a quad strain, make an appointment with our sports medicine doctor at Spinal Rehab and Sports Medicine clinic today at a time convenient for you. Dr. Bob Meyer goes beyond simple diagnosis by creating custom sports injury treatment plans for the needs of each patient. Get a head start on your treatment by calling today.

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