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MyACT® Compression Therapy

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“If you are slow to heal or won’t heal, MyACT® compression therapy is the modality for you” ~ Dr. Bob Meyer, DC

Compression Therapy Targets Pain

Myofascial Acoustic Compression Therapy (MyACT) is widely used in the treatment of acute and chronic pain in muscles, tendons and joints. The sound waves generated by the MyACT machine cannot be felt as they enter and pass through the body. They converge at a controlled point within the soft tissue to produce an intense, extremely short duration pressure pulse that delivers therapeutic treatment in areas difficult to reach by other methods.

MyACT targets the tissue and provides a focused treatment at the exact location of your pain and injury. Compromised tissue, trigger points and unhealthy tissue can be treated with MyACT resulting in a focused and precise deep tissue massage. This increases circulation, relieves pain and promotes a faster natural healing process.

MyACT Compression Therapy Machine

Compression Therapy Conditions Treated

Runners Knee
Frozen Shoulder
Golfer Elbow
Tennis Elbow
Muscular strains
Rotator Cuff Injuries
Achilles Tendonitis
Swimmers Shoulder
Ligament Sprains
MCL injuries
Overuse Soft Tissue Injuries
Myofascial Trigger Points
Planter Fasciitis (heel pain)

MyACT Compression Therapy Source

Compression Therapy Longevity

MyACT treatments take between 10 and 20 minutes to complete.
Your chiropractor will typically perform 1-2 treatments per week.
To achieve lasting results, 4-7 treatments may be administered.

Compression Therapy Side Effects

Side effects are limited to minor soreness and/or reddened skin in some cases. Most side effects experienced are beneficial.

If you are suffering from pain or limited mobility our sports medicine doctor, Dr. Bob Meyer, can help. He has 21+ years of experience practicing sports medicine and working as a sports chiropractor. He is well known for rehabilitating the nations top collegiate and professional athletes from sports injuries with the University of Texas Athletics Program. He has a large arsenal of sports injury treatment methods including MyACT® compression therapy that can help you successfully rehab FAST and get you back to what you love most.

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