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Upper Cross Syndrome

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Upper Cross Syndrome

Upper Cross Syndrome can cause the spine to become weak.

You may not be familiar with Upper Cross Syndrome, but the chances are you see it all the time. In fact, you may be suffering from it right now and maybe for years.

Upper Cross Syndrome can be caused by age, effecting the elderly, but an affect anyone of any age. It is most commonly caused by bad posture.

It is identified by rounded shoulders, the head resting in front of the body, and the rounding of the neck and back.

Upper Cross Syndrome, otherwise known as UCS, is essentially a condition that signifies that, due to bad posture, the spine has become weak and lengthened. This subsequently causes a shortening and tightening of the muscles in the front of the neck and chest. This is because of the fact that muscles throughout the body are inter-connected.

When one set of muscles become weak, another set must become stronger to compensate.

Upper Cross Syndrome (UCS)


The causes of UCS, as we discussed, are age and bad posture.

It effects those of advanced years because of the common weakening of muscles, and the decrease of physical activity.

For those most commonly affected due to poor posture, core causes can vary from insecurities to having an office job or even athletes.

People that feel insecure often stare at the ground when they walk to avoid eye contact with those around them. Office workers predominantly stare at a computer screen and sit for extended periods of time, causing their back to arch for sustained periods.

Athletes, however, are at risk for greater complications due to this condition. Despite the core cause for the condition, when left untreated, UCS can cause excessive deterioration of the skeleton, ligaments, and muscle.


The head rests in front of the body, rounding of the shoulders, and the rounding of the neck and back.


We recommend seeking immediate medical attention for UCS. By contacting Dr. Bob Meyer at his Spinal Rehab and Sports Medicine clinic, you will receive the best treatment possible. Dr. Bob will diagnose your condition and recommend the ideal course of action to strengthen your muscles and correct your posture.

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