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Jogger with leg pain

Conditions such as thigh or quad strains/sprains also cause leg pain.

Any discomfort that is felt in the leg area can be referred to as leg pain. It could materialize in the upper or lower leg – or in the knee area.

Causes of Leg Pain

The causes are linked to the type of pain that is being experienced. For instance, repeated physical activity could cause pain in the knee area, due to conditions such as tendonitis. A blow to the area or an awkward fall could cause a strain or sprain of the knee, which also leads to leg pain.

Other types of leg pain include muscle cramps, which can happen when someone is dehydrated and in the middle of the extreme physical activity. Leg cramps are common for athletes as they approach the end of a game or training session.

Pain in the leg can also be caused by shin splints, which is the pain in the lower leg that is the result of inflammation near the shin bone. Conditions such as thigh or quad strains/sprains also cause leg pain.

Symptoms of Leg Pain

The most common symptom of this condition will be an uncomfortable or intense pain that is present in any part of the leg. Depending on the condition, the feeling may be experienced in and around the knee, in the upper leg or in the lower leg.

Treatment of Leg Pain

The only way to understand why a patient is experiencing leg pain is to seek a sports medicine doctor. By contacting Dr. Bob Meyer at the Spinal Rehab and Sports Medicine clinic, a patient can get to the bottom of their leg pain. Dr. Meyer has extensive experience helping athletes and recovers from sports injuries. He will perform tests, diagnose the condition and recommend the best course of treatment.

Most treatment includes rest from activity, elevating the leg, using ice packs and/or heat in the area of swelling, anti-inflammation medicine, and physical rehabilitation. Surgery may be required for very intense knee pain that is the result of a serious muscle, ligament or bone injury.