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What to Expect | Sports Injury Rehabilitation

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Upon arriving on time and with the appropriate new patient forms, your doctor will take a detailed history concerning your chief complaint and some thoughts on how you became injured or what types of goals you’ve set.


Your new patient visit typically takes 60-90 minutes which inlcudes a detailed exam and will not include x-rays. Routine x-rays are not necessary for a new patient evaluation and only ordered when warranted.


Most all our patients will receive some form of treatment on their first visit. It’s important to know that your doctor is a hands on manual therapist and has an array of advanced chiropractic sport medicine techniques he will use to help you get back in the game as fast as possible.

Follow Up Visit

Follow up visits last 45-60 minutes.

Typically at the end of your first visit, your doctor will have designed the best plan for returning you quickly and safely back to play, whether play is a weekend hike or a competitive half marathon.

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