Dr. Bob’s Therapy Bay Is One Of The Best, If Not The Best In Austin, Texas. Below Is a “Partial” List Of Some Of The Therapies/Modalities/Treatment Options Offered At Spinal Rehab & Sports Medicine.
EPAT Technology

EPAT® Shockwave Therapy

EPAT shockwave therapy is a highly effective technology that is used to accelerate the bodies natural healing process. It is a non-invasive treatment that uses pressure waves to help treat and heal internal maladies, with minimal discomfort and virtually no downtime following the procedures. The treatment has been cleared by the FDA and has not been found to have side effects beyond the potential for minor discomfort. EPAT is excellent for injuries that are slow to heal or won’t heal.


Heal Faster & Perform Better! The Neubie helps to increase strength and sports performance, decreases pain, and increases the speed of recovery from injury. The Neubie shines as a NeuroMuscular Reeducation tool and post surgery to minimize disuse and atrophy.

Compression Therapy

Myofascial Acoustic Compression Therapy (MyACT)

Myofascial Acoustic Compression Therapy (MyACT) is widely used in the treatment of acute and chronic pain in muscles, tendons and joints. The sound waves generated by the MyACT machine cannot be felt as they enter and pass through the body. They converge at a controlled point within the soft tissue to produce an intense, extremely short duration pressure pulse that delivers therapeutic treatment in areas difficult to reach by other methods.

Halo® Magnetic Resonance Therapy

Halo® is the latest in sports medicine technology. A natural treatment for chronic and acute pain. Halo® significantly reduces stress & anxiety and accelerates the bodies natural healing process.

Halo Therapy Chair

Cox flexion-distraction Therapy

Flexion-distraction, also known as Cox® Technic, is a technique chiropractors use to treat many spinal health conditions. It is a non-surgical approach with the goal of increasing spinal mobility and addressing bulging discs and disc herniations. This procedure is a great treatment option for patients who require a gentle, non-forceful way to take the pressure off the spinal nerves.

Kennedy Decompression Therapy

Kennedy Decompression is a spinal decompression technique for degenerative disc disease +/or bulging discs. The Kennedy table has set the standard in the industry for comfort safety, and patient positioning options.

Ortho Gold Tissue Regeneration Therapy(TRT)

The TRT shockwave machine is a highly effective treatment option for musculoskeletal injuries. This machine stimulates the release of growth factors, enhances blood flow, regulates inflammation, and alleviates pain. The strength and penetration depth of the TRT is unmatched, allowing us to directly treat very deep structures in the body that were not previously possible, like the meniscus of the knee.

Pulse Centers PEMF

Pulse Centers PEMF is the strongest PEMF machine to date. The goal of PEMF is to give the injured tissue “free energy” to heal faster. Best used on acute injuries, post surgery, or Neuropathy patients.

Micro-Current Point Stimulation Therapy (MPS)

MPS is acupuncture without the needles. The MPS detects changes in voltage, injured tissue has less voltage, when applying the modality you give the injured tissue the energy (microcurrent) that it needs to heal.

Power Plate Vibration Platform

Power Plate vibrates up to 50 times a second sending tiny vibrations through your body. These tiny micro vibrations activate more muscles, bum more calories, improve circulation, and assist muscle recovery. Excellent for postoperative rehab + mobilizing tight joints. Power plates effectiveness has been proven in dozens of medical & scientific studies.