Here at Spinal Rehab Sports Medicine clinic it’s our mission to offer the most advanced sports medicine combined with the latest in muscle, fascia, and joint care. You will receive the best combination of hands on care and the most exclusive therapeutic modalities available in Austin, all with the intention of decreasing pain and accelerating healing and recovery. Our sports medicine doctor strives not only to get you back to your game, but to find and correct the cause of your sports injuries. It is with that goal in mind that Spinal Rehab Sports Medicine patients can receive the following sports injury treatment methods:



The chiropractors at Spinal Rehab Sports Medicine can perform a chiropractic adjustments to correct misalignments in both the spine and extremities. The adjustments correct structural dysfunction of the nervous system and restore normal biomechanical motion. An emphasis is placed on styles or techniques that are safe, highly effective and biomechanically sound. Chiropractic adjustment may be recommended for your sports injury treatment plan.


Cox technique is a non-manipulative (no popping) adjustment that is excellent for herniated or degenerative discs. The Cox table is a specially designed chiropractic instrument that permits the effective administration of flexion-distraction, decompression and adjustment. The goal of Cox technic is to help the patient go from “pain” to “no pain” as quickly as possible. Cox Flexion Distraction technique may be recommended for your sports injury treatment plan.


Chiropractic manipulations are not always indicated, several contraindications are: Hypermobile/ligament laxity Prior surgery Seniors Just don’t like it That is why we offer several other styles/methods that are NON manipulative (no popping) mobilizations.


One of our Non Manipulative techniques. Trigenies uses the Neuro-muscluar system to help align joints and relax tight muscles.


Dr. Meyer is one of a very small group in Texas performing OTZ. This is a manipulation technique of the occiput, excellent for frozen shoulders and chronic headaches.