“Dr. Bob is great. His knowledge and expertise have enabled me to keep living strong and obtain my peak performance.”

Lance Armstrong is a seven time Tour De France winner. He’s been working with Dr. Bob for several years. Lance has not only come to Dr. Bob for his cycling needs but also when he entered the Iron Man competition. Lance and Dr. Bob hold a close personal relationship, and Big Tex has praised Bob’s methods.


Lance Armstrong

Professional Cyclist


“I was suffering for months and the next day just after one treatment with Dr. Bob I was back on track running”

Asafa Powell is a sprinter for team Jamaica who specializes in the 100 meters. He held the 100 meters world record between June 2005 and May 2008, with times of 9.77 and 9.74 seconds.


Asafa Powell

Olympic Athlete


Olympic Athlete, Asafa Powell
Jordon Shipley

“Dr. Bob’s treatment has enabled me to practice and play in the NFL.”

Jordon Shipley played for the UT football program and then continued his football success in the NFL.


Jordon Shipley

NFL Pro Football


“While Dr. Bob is cheerful and fun, I wouldn’t be able to keep my performance so consistently high without Dr. Bob’s help and guidance. He’s prescribed help for me that is specific to my needs, and has worked wonders.”

At 34 Marion Jones became the oldest rookie in the WNBA. She made the transition to professional basketball player, from a track and field star with the help of Dr. Bob and his techniques.


Marion Jones

Olympic Athlete and WNBA Pro Basketball

Marion Jones
Adelina Garcia

“After sustaining a devastating ACL tear, Dr. Bob helped me get back to competition. What I like the most about Bob is his caring attitude and willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty for his patients. Without him it would be impossible to keep my body healthy and continue to win titles.”

Adelina is a 7 time fitness Olympia Champion and 7 time Fitness International Champion. She’s worked closely with Dr. Bob to continue to be one of the best in competitive fitness.


Adelina Garcia

Fitness Olympia Champion


“With Dr. Bob’s help I went from serious groin pain to consistent training. His work is truly remarkable. Dr. Bob helped me fix an athletic injury that had been nagging me for a long time. My body was upgraded while going to Dr. Bob.”

Garett Weber-Gale is a two-time Olympic Gold Medalist in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. He and Bob have been working together since he began swimming for The University of Texas.


Garett Weber-Gale

Olympic Swimmer

Garret Webber Gale
Dexter Pittman

“Don’t be fooled by Dr. Bob’s short stature, he can handle the tallest and largest of men.”

Dexter Pittman played college basketball for the University of Texas and then moved on to become a NBA player with the Miami Heat.


Dexter Pittman

NBA Pro Basketball


“Personally known as Dr. Bob, even though we joke about his stature he is very big in his knowledge. There have been two times in my career where other doctors have told me I was finished. Dr. Bob got me going again, and to become WORLD CHAMPION.”

Mark Henry

Worlds Strongest Man and WWE Pro Wrestler


Mark Henry