What is spinal manipulation?

Spinal manipulation is a type of manual therapy that helps minimize joint pain, promote healing, decrease inflammation, and improve mobility and nerve function. It is typically used in combination with other pain-relieving interventions like exercise, massage, and physical therapy. It is commonly used to treat back, neck, shoulder and migraine headache pain. This treatment can provide short term relief for acute injuries or routine care for chronic health conditions.


How does spinal manipulation work?

There are over 100 types of spinal manipulation that chiropractors use today. This procedure involves using quick forces to twist the spine. During the procedure, chiropractors use unique hands-on chiropractic adjustment techniques with the goal to improve spinal mobility and restore your body’s function. Most of these procedures use a special padded table that the chiropractor can adjust based on the patients needs. Chiropractors work with their patients to determine how frequent their appointments should be which depends on the severity of their symptoms.


Is spinal manipulation safe?

Spinal manipulation is considered safe when done by a licensed professional, such as a chiropractor. It is common for individuals who receive this treatment to temporarily have sore or tender muscles after their appointment. Sometimes the chiropractor may even recommend using ice and heat therapy, electric stimulation, or devices to stretch the region. The muscle soreness is not necessarily due to any complications occurring from the procedure. However, spinal manipulation is not for everyone, and just like any procedure, there are risk factors. An experienced chiropractor can help you determine if you are a good candidate for this type of care.


chiropractor performing spinal manipulation on patient

What are the benefits of spinal manipulation?

There are several reasons why individuals seek chiropractic care. Some of the benefits of spinal manipulation include:

Pain Relief. This treatment works quickly to relieve pain related to an injury or health conditions. Some patients report feeling better almost instantly after their treatment, and in some cases, completely pain free after one to two visits to the chiropractor.

Improve Flexibility. When used alongside exercise or physical therapy, it may also improve your flexibility. There are certain exercises that can help to strengthen your core muscles and increase your overall body function. Improving your flexibility can also minimize the risk for the pain from an injury to come back.

Prevent Surgery. Surgery should be a last resort to correct chronic pain. If you haven’t had luck finding ways to rid your pain and discomfort, then you should consider spinal manipulation before you decide to have surgery. Sometimes patients can avoid surgery altogether.

Minimize Dependence on Medication. Since manipulating the spine can help relieve pain and promote healing, it can also reduce the need for over the counter pain medication too. Long term use of these medications can put your brain in a fog and harm your organs. Some people even become addicted to pain pills.

How much does spinal manipulation cost?

While the cost for spinal manipulation is dependent on the location of the practice and the experience of the chiropractor, a person can expect to pay anywhere between $70 and $120. A portion of the cost can sometimes be covered by your insurance company. It is worth knowing what your health insurance benefits are and scheduling an appointment with a chiropractor to discuss what treatment options are best for you.