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Spinal Rehab and Sports Medicine has worked with many top collegiate, professional and Olympic athletes. Dr. Bob Meyer creates a custom treatment program designed to treat your unique sports injuries and condition. Our advanced technology in sports medicine allows athletes to recover faster and stronger from sports related injuries. You don’t have to be a professional athlete to be treated like one. Watch our video testimonials and hear why our clients love our sports medicine doctor.

Video Testimonials

Asafa Powell

“I was suffering for months and the next day just after one treatment I was back on track running”

Jordon Shipley

“Dr. Bob’s treatment has enabled me to practice and play in the NFL“

Asafa Powell is a sprinter for team Jamaica who specializes in the 100 meters. He held the 100 meters world record between June 2005 and May 2008, with times of 9.77 and 9.74 seconds.

Jordon Shipley played for the UT football program and then continued his football success in the NFL.

Adelina Garcia

“After sustaining a devastating ACL tear, Dr. Bob helped me get back to competition. What I like the most about Bob is his caring attitude and willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty for his patients. Without him it would be impossible to keep my body healthy and continue to win titles.“

Adelina is a 7 time fitness Olympia Champion and 7 time Fitness International Champion. She’s worked closely with Dr. Bob to continue to be one of the best in competitive fitness.

Mark Henry

“Personally known as Dr. Bob, even though we joke about his stature he is very big in his knowledge. There have been two times in my career where other doctors have told me I was finished. Dr. Bob got me going again, and to become WORLD CHAMPION.“

Mark Henry is the Worlds Strongest Man. He is big in stature, and personality. Mark goes to Dr. Bob not only because he’s the man for the job, but because Mark finds Bob to be a joy to work with. With the rigors of performing in the WWE, Mark only trusts bob for the job.

Marion Jones

“While Dr. Bob is cheerful and fun, I wouldn’t be able to keep my performance so consistently high without Dr. Bob’s help and guidance. He’s prescribed help for me that is specific to my needs, and has worked wonders.“

At 34 Marion Jones became the oldest rookie in the WNBA. She made the transition to professional basketball player, from a track and field star with the help of Dr. Bob and his techniques.

Garret Weber Gale

“With Dr. Bob’s help I went from serious groin pain to consistent training. His work is truly remarkable. Dr. Bob helped me fix an athletic injury that had been nagging me for a long time. My body was upgraded while going to Dr. Bob.“

Garett Weber-Gale is a two-time Olympic Gold Medalist in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. He and Bob have been working together since he began swimming for The University of Texas.

Lance Armstrong

“Dr. Bob is great. His knowledge and expertise have enabled me to keep living strong and obtain my peak performance.“

Lance Armstrong is a seven time Tour De France winner. He’s been working with Dr. Bob for several years. Lance has not only come to Dr. Bob for his cycling needs but also when he entered the Iron Man competition. Lance and Dr. Bob hold a close personal relationship, and Big Tex has praised Bob’s methods.

Dexter Pittman

“Don’t be fooled by Dr. Bob’s short stature, he can handle the tallest and largest of men“

Dexter Pittman played college basketball for the University of Texas and then moved on to become a NBA player with the Miami Heat.

Testimonials from Residents of Austin

  • Highly recommend Dr. Matt Lowe! I had scheduled surgery for meniscus tear and MCL sprain, and after several weeks working with Dr. Matt, I am healed. So happy to be moving well on the tennis court with no pain!

    Leslie A. /
  • Thank you Dr. Matt Lowe for helping me recover from my chronic shoulder injury. I have seen chiropractors in the past and Spinal Rehab has by far the best facility, equipment, and service

    Andrew W. /
  • Thank you, Dr. Matt! I can’t say enough about the quality of treatment – I’d been having prolonged issues with my forearms and elbow tendonitis, and Dr. Matt was able to pinpoint the problems, work them out and ultimately keep me fresh and healthy. The expertise and PT tools available make Spinal Rehab the best chiropractic clinic in Austin.

    Sean P /
  • Amazing staff – have heard the praises of Dr. Bob for years as a competitive swimmer and now have been treated by Dr. Matt Lowe for sports and other related issues with amazing results. He’s helped me tremendously with injuries as well as chronic pain problems. You walk out feeling very relaxed – highly recommend Spinal Rehab.

    Dale R. /
  • Dr. Lowe at Spinal Rehab and Sports Medicine is awesome! I was referred to Dr. Lowe a few months ago by one of my swim coaches because I was experiencing sharp headaches at the end of sprint sets. On my first visit, he immediately knew why I was having headaches and it only took 3 sessions with him to make them go away completely. Since then, I’ve been seeing him for all my other sports-related issues as well as for maintenance to make sure my headaches don’t return.
    I totally recommend Spinal Rehab and Sports Medicine. They’re excellent in what they do, they have an awesome staff, I’ve never not been able to get an appointment the same day or the next day, and I’ve never had to wait for my appointment even when I show up 20 minutes early.

    Judy P /
  • I have recently been going to Dr. Bob because I stretched/tear/hurt my rotator cuff. I did this drunk on a river throwing rocks, Dumb! I know. By they way I am 41 so I know better. He has been using acupuncture needles on this area and I have to say it is really helping. The concept is that the tiny holes in the muscle will release the strain and also make the body think there is a new injury thus sending fresh blood and enzymes to that spot. If you are having pain and are out of place go see Dr .Bob. He has traction, acupuncture, massage, physical chiropractic adjustments Epat, DMS etc.. all to help you feel better. Dr. Bob knows what he is doing. If you want to be pain free see Dr. Bob as he fixed me.

    Paul Morgan /
  • Dr Bob is the best. I have experienced many chiropractors over the years and none compare to Dr Bob and team. He gets me straight, stretched and soothed and gets me back in the game again.

    Peter Yates /
  • Each time I have visited the office I have been greeted promptly and by at least one member of the friendly staff. The equipment they have available in the office is top notch and every staff member is well trained, not to mention they genuinely care about your overall well being. I have already recommended Spinal Rehab to others, because of the excellent care I have received. Thank you to the staff for working helping me toward my recovery!

    Jeff Rowland /
  • I have been going to Spinal Rehab since 2007, and it’s the first place I recommend when asked about sports injuries. Having Dr. Bob Meyer and his staff in my corner were the only things that kept me going at work and play for my hobbies. With his help, I was able to avoid surgery, return to work, and complete my athletic goals at the time. In addition, I learned how to self manage my injury so that I don’t have to book as many appointments. When I do have a flare up, going back to the clinic is like seeing a group of old friends, and I can feel confident that I can trust what Dr. Bob is going to do and what he and his staff will recommend.

    Patrick Healey /
  • No one touches this back except Dr. Bob with his magic hands! I have been going to him for years, as I have some recurring issues that he keeps in check. Before finding Dr. Bob I tried many other doctors and physical therapists who were not able to help my issue. I highly recommend Dr. Bob and trust and value his advice.

    Pamela Quinn /
  • Dr. Bob and staff are fantastic! They helped me through tennis elbow, as well as a running hip injury. Always concerned and responsive, I would not hesitate in using him again!

    Stacy Schiffman /


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