Tricep/Bicep Tendonitis
Bicep tendonitis can be caused by overuse.

Pain felt in the bicep or tricep may be due to tendonitis. Bicep tendonitis is inflammation of the tendons in that area of the body. While it is not a common injury, it is one that is more likely to impact athletes. The pain may occur after any type of sporting activity or workout.


What are the causes of tricep/bicep tendonitis/bursitis?

The reason an athlete may be experiencing bicep or tricep tendonitis is overuse of the area. Over training for many years or extensive use while playing sports can cause the injury. Tendonitis is the type of injury that develops over time because of wear and tear to the body. Cells in the area become damaged and if the patient continues to perform the same activity the problem gets worse.

What are the symptoms of tricep/bicep tendonitis/bursitis?

The pain associated with bicep or tricep tendonitis is more of a deep ache rather than acute pain. The ache may be present all the time but it will usually get worse during and after activity. Over time, the patient’s arm may also begin to feel weak.

What is the treatment for tricep/bicep tendonitis/bursitis?

If you are experiencing pain in your biceps or triceps you need to get checked out by a medical professional. Going to a regular doctor is an option but seeing a sports medicine doctor is the better choice. Sports medicine is a drug-free natural approach to healing.

We encourage you to make an appointment at the Spinal Rehab Sports Medicine clinic to see Dr. Bob Meyer. Since Dr. Meyer is a specialist in sports injuries, he can help you design a sports injury treatment plan that works. This will manage and reduce your bicep tendonitis or tricep bursitis pain.

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