Athlete warming up to avoid pulled gluteal muscle.
Gluteal strain is commonly caused when physical activity is undertaken without a warm-up.

A pulled muscle in the buttocks is a gluteal strain that occurs when there is a tear in one of the three gluteal muscles that make up each buttock. These types of sports injuries are frequently experienced by hurdlers and dancers.


What is a gluteal strain?

These muscles which make up the buttocks work together to both straighten the hip and stabilize its movements. A muscle achieves movement through a contraction, and if this contraction involves excessive or continual force, the muscle is likely to tear. This type of strain is relatively uncommon. Athletes who play sports that include a great deal of running and jumping are at highest risk.

What are the causes of a gluteal strain?

Like most pulled muscles, a gluteal strain is commonly caused when physical activity is undertaken without a complete warm-up, or while fatigued. Cold weather can increase the likelihood of a gluteal strain as it affects the contraction of the muscles.

What are the symptoms of a gluteal strain?

Following physical activity, should a person feel an unusual, sharp pain in the buttocks it is likely that a gluteal strain has occurred. Additionally, the area may bruise and swell and will feel tender to the touch. It will likely feel weak and painful when using stairs.

What is the treatment for gluteal strain?

The injured person should take a break in physical activities, particularly those which involve climbing, running, or jumping. A custom plan of exercises that stretch and rebuild the area will assist the healing process. Additionally, icing and massaging the area will soothe the pain.

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