Weight lifter with shin splints
Shin splints are a common injury that can occur during or after exercising.

Shin splints are a common injury that can occur during or after exercising. It is an inflammation of the muscles, tendons and bone tissues that are located around the tibia (shinbone).


What are the causes of shin splints?

The most common reason why someone would suffer from shin splints is that they were just performing physical activity, such as walking uphill or running. The intensity of activity that can trigger shin splints will depend on the patient’s fitness. For instance, someone who is very sedentary and unfit may suffer shin splints after a very long walk.

What are the symptoms for shin splints?

Common symptoms include mild to severe pain that occurs in the lower leg. The pain is most intense along the border of the tibia. The pain could be dull, while it may also be very sharp. Sometimes it can feel like a throbbing pain in the leg.

Some patients experience the pain right as they start to exercise. It may even go away after a while. Others get it as they are done exercising. Touching the area may cause the pain to feel worse.

What are the treatment options for shin splints?

Are you suffering from continuous pain in the shin area after every exercise attempt? It may be time to see an experienced sports medicine doctor. Common treatment steps include rest, anti-inflammatory medicine, ice, MyAct compression therapy and performing flexibility exercises. Wearing different shoes and properly warming up before exercising can also help. Sports medicine can help, however in very specific cases, surgery may be required.

By contacting Dr. Bob Meyer at the Spinal Rehab Sports Medicine clinic, patients can get a full assessment to see if their shin splints are serious. Dr. Meyer has extensive experience treating athletes suffering from sports injuries. He will diagnose the condition and recommend a unique sports injury treatment plan will help relieve your pain.

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