Strained Bicep

A strained bicep can occur from poor form when lifting.

A strained bicep is a common arm injury experienced by athletes. While a bicep sprain is damage to the muscle, a bicep strain is damage to the ligament. Neither of these injuries are as sever as a complete tear, but both can still cause significant pain and mobility problems.

What are the causes a strained bicep?

A bicep strain is often the result of poor form during training, especially weight lifting. For instance, lifting weight that is too heavy can make it difficult or impossible to maintain proper form. In addition, participating in explosive sports or workouts can also cause a person to perform an exercise with the wrong form. Incorrect form can move or twist the arm in an unfamiliar way and cause damage to the bicep tendon. Overuse of the arm even with proper form can also cause stress and injury.

What are strained bicep symptoms?

The most common symptoms associated with a bicep strain include pain, tenderness, swelling and stiffness in the arm. Weakness, bruising and redness may also be present. If these symptoms persist for more than one or two days it is best to see a sports medicine doctor.

What is strained bicep treatment?

The treatment for a bicep strain depends on the significance of the injury and the situation of the patient. Someone who experiences a strain in their bicep and wants to continue training or playing sports should seek sports medicine therapy immediately. If you are an athlete who is experiencing pain in your bicep area we encourage you to make an appointment with Dr. Bob Meyer at the Spinal Rehab Sports Medicine clinic today. Dr. Bob Meyer has a long history of treating sports injuries, and he will be able to assist you in getting a proper diagnosis and the sports injury treatment you need to recover, fast.