Female with strained hip flexor.
The most common cause of strained hip flexor is overuse of the muscles and tendons in the area.

A strained hip flexor can be very painful and debilitating. Hip flexors are the muscles that help people lift their knees toward their body. Anytime the knee lifts in this motion; it is due to the hip flexors. Since these muscles and tendons connect to bones in the body, they can become over-stressed easily. When there is a sprain, it is an issue with ligaments, while a strain is a muscle-problem. If the ligaments or muscles in the area sprain or strain, it means overuse occurred to the point of stretching or completely tearing.


What are the causes of a strained hip flexor?

The most common cause of hip flexor strains and sprains is overuse of the muscles and tendons in the area. Overstretching and hyperextension of the muscle fibers can lead to tearing. The more you move and activate the hip area, the higher risk you are for injury. Of course, people who live active lifestyles and participate in sports are more at risk. Some activities and sports include cycling, dancing, martial arts, soccer, and aerobics. In addition to overuse, direct impact to the area can cause trauma and injury.

What are strained hip flexor symptoms?

Above all, he most prevalent symptom of a hip flexor strain or strain is sharp pain in the pelvic area around the hip. This pain is often follows immediately after injury occurs. In addition, cramping, tenderness, swelling, tightness, stiffness and muscle spasms in the area can develop. Increasing pain when lifting the leg or stretching along with loss of strength may arise.

What is strained hip flexor treatment?

Hip flexor strains and sprains are serious injuries that can get worse over time if they are not treated with sports medicine. If you want to limit hip flexor strain recovery time, the first step is a proper assessment. Resting the area and over the counter pain relievers can reduce pain and swelling. Sports injury treatment can strengthen the hip flexor muscle for long-term benefits.

If you are experiencing pain in your hip flexor, make an appointment with our sports medicine doctor at Spinal Rehab Sports Medicine clinic. Dr. Bob will diagnose the cause of your pain and create a custom treatment plan for your unique condition. Furthermore, he will ensure you are back to full health and recover from your sports injuries fast.

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