Upper Cross Syndrome
Upper cross syndrome can cause the spine to become weak.

You may not be familiar with upper cross syndrome but the chances are you see it all the time. In fact, you may be suffering from it right now and have been for years. Upper cross syndrome more commonly affects the elderly and those with bad posture. It is identified by rounded shoulders, the head resting in front of the body and the rounding of the neck and back.


What is upper cross syndrome?

Upper Cross Syndrome, otherwise known as UCS, is a condition where the spine becomes weak and lengthened. This subsequently causes a shortening and tightening of the muscles in the front of the neck and chest. Muscles throughout the body are interconnected and when one set of muscles become weak another set must become stronger to compensate.


What are the causes of upper cross syndrome?

The most common causes of UCS is age and bad posture. UCS is more likely to occur in the elderly because of the common weakening of muscles and the decrease of physical activity with age. Poor posture due to texting and cell phone use, working at a computer, reading and even biking can increase your chances of developing UCS. This is because these actions lead to extended periods of time where the individual is looking down, which over time can stretch the spine and cause the front muscles to overcompensate. When left untreated, UCS can cause excessive deterioration of the skeleton, ligaments, and muscle.


What are the symptoms of upper cross syndrome?

The most notable symptoms of UCS are the head resting in front of the body, rounding of the shoulders and the rounding of the neck and back. People with UCS may also suffer from headaches, neck pain, back pain and restricted range of motion and numbness in the upper arms.


What are the treatments for upper cross syndrome?

We recommend seeking immediate medical attention from a sports medicine doctor for UCS. Here are Spinal Rehab Sports Medicine clinic, you will receive the best sports injury treatment possible. Dr. Bob Meyer has over 21 years of experience treating sports injuries and patients with chronic pain. He will diagnose your condition and recommend the ideal course of action to strengthen your muscles and correct your posture. Before taking medications or resorting to surgery try a more natural approach to healing through sports medicine.

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