EPAT therapy uses pressure waves to assist internal maladies that are hurting your body. This is not an invasive procedure, and there is little to no down time when you are going through the treatment. The nature of the treatment means it is a no-risk sports medicine option for athletes. If it manages to speed up the healing process, it has done its job. Even if the treatment is unsuccessful, the patient will not suffer any negative effects since this is a non-invasive procedure. The only side effect is a little bit of discomfort in the area, which usually goes away after a couple of days. The treatment is fully cleared by the FDA, which means it is safe when administered by a sports medicine doctor. By taking these high speed acoustic waves, shockwave therapy will focus the treatment on the parts of the body that are suffering. For example, if you are suffering from a knee injury, the waves will be focused on your injured knee. It can help assist in tissue regeneration and accelerates the healing process. Athletes won’t find themselves sidelined for too long.