Female athlete with shoulder pain
Adhesive capsulitis causes pain in the shoulder.

Adhesive capsulitis is also known as “frozen shoulder”. This occurs when the shoulder area experiences a painful and gradual loss of motion. Athletes involved in sports where the shoulder is excessively strained or worn out are at risk for these types of sports injuries.


What are the causes of adhesive capsulitis impingement?

This condition occurs in the capsule surrounding the shoulder joint. The capsule becomes inflamed, scarred, thickened or shrunk. Other shoulder injuries can also lead to adhesive capsulitis impingement. These include shoulder tendonitis, rotator cuff injuries and shoulder bursitis.

What are the symptoms of adhesive capsulitis impingement?

The symptoms of adhesive capsulitis impingement occur in three stages. These stages can last for a few months. Stage one involves pain and stiffness in the shoulder area lasting up to a few months. During the second stage, the pain is not too bad but the stiffness worsens. During the final stage, the condition gets better and both pain and stiffness reduce.

What are the treatments for adhesive capsulitis impingement?

There are two ways to approach treatment for adhesive capsulitis. Patients who get the injury during everyday life or because of causal sports can simply rest. Using the shoulder less and avoiding activities that strain the area will help decrease pain and stiffness. Over the counter medicine can also help with both pain and inflammation. Sports injury treatment is a good option for those who want a drug-free, natural healing treatment.

Patients who are serious athletes or who want a more robust solution can book an appointment with a sports medicine doctor. Spinal Rehab Sports Medicine clinic in Austin, TX is a leader in sports medicine. Dr. Bob Meyer has extensive experience treating sports injuries and helping patients with shoulder issues. He can treat your condition and help you get on the road to recovery.

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