Arm Pain

Arm pain is caused by joint injuries or compressed nerves.

Arm pain is always a worry for an athlete, especially if there is no obvious injury that could be causing the pain. There are a wide number of conditions that can lead to pain in the arm. Without proper treatment, it can interfere with your sport and every day activities.

What is arm pain?

This is a vague term that refers to any discomfort, swelling or tenderness in the arm region. Pain in the arm can originate from the shoulder, elbow, upper or lower arm or even the wrist. It is important to identify where the pain is coming from before proper treatment can begin.

What are the causes of arm pain?

The cause will depend on where the pain originates. The most common reasons for pain in the arm among athletes include physical contact while playing, excessive training or weight lifting, improper motion while swimming or throwing a ball, muscle weakness or tendinitis. These actions can lead to a number of sports injuries.

Pain in the arm can also be the result of angina, bursitis or tendinitis, dislocated shoulder or elbow, pinched nerve, rotator cuff injury, tennis elbow or rheumatoid arthritis.

What are the symptoms of arm pain?

The symptoms will include an increase in pain when the shoulder, elbow or arm moves. Discomfort can also occur while the arm is resting. You may also experience swelling, tenderness and instability of any part of the arm. This can make everyday activities difficult and uncomfortable.

What are the treatments for arm pain?

The first stage of treatment for pain in the arm is an accurate diagnosis. The underlying cause of pain could be different from what you’d expect. For this reason, it is important to have an evaluation completed by a trained professional in sports medicine.

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