It starts as a gentle, nagging pain. You can almost ignore it and keep pushing your way through the workout. After all, athletes regularly work through pain. Push yourself too far, though, and now your Achilles tendon is throbbing. The pain reduces you to walking on your tiptoes to avoid stretching the tendon. What was once a minor ache, now has you parked on the couch with your foot perched on a heap of ice.

There are many potential causes of Achilles tendonitis. These include overuse, increasing the intensity of your workout too soon, poor form or a combination of these and other factors. There is no surefire way to avoid sports injuries like this. Furthermore, advanced Achilles tendonitis treatment is not widespread. Most doctors will tell you to ice it and prescribe a set of stretches. This is helpful and likely to promote healing over a long period of time. However, there is another way with sports medicine and shockwave therapy.

Achilles Tendonitis Treatment

Spinal Rehab Sports Medicine offers cutting-edge options for Achilles tendonitis treatment. You don’t have to suffer through weeks of inactivity, stretching and icing your Achilles tendon back to health. You don’t have to face setbacks and mourn the loss of all the time and effort you had invested in training. Our sports medicine doctor focuses on sports injury treatment and has experience helping athletes recover from Achilles tendonitis quickly and safely.

Dr Bob Meyer uses EPAT shockwave therapy to stimulate the regeneration of tissue in affected areas and promote healing. This treatment works with your body to speed the process of healing. Furthermore, it can strengthen your Achilles tendon and reduce the likelihood of re-injury. EPAT therapy is the best treatment for athletes who want to recover as quickly as possible. You don’t want to lose your hard work to weeks of recovery, and the experts at Spinal Rehab Sports Medicine can help.